Healthy Food Habits

Healthy Food Habits: A lifestyle to follow

All of us want a perfect body and we do work on it but there are certain points that we can apply in our daily routine to maximize the results but we don’t. So here is my article on Healthy Food Habits to remind you about things you must be missing that can change your lie for good:

Hello Foodies, Here I am with this post to help you incorporate good eating habits in your life to make it better for yourself. The importance of good and tasty food is a lot in our life but more than that we have to give importance to our body in the process.

  1. Diet once in 6th months: Imagine the junk we eat in a month and now imagine that amount for 6 months. It is good to detox your body and cut down the fat you gained in the last 6 months by dieting for a month. It would not just keep you fit but also manage your food cravings. Remember to be on a strict diet. Keep the cheat meals to minimal. I know it would be hard but it just takes time at the first stage, it is just a matter of time till you get used to the habit and after some time Voila, you have a healthy body.
  2. Go for healthy food options while ordering: We being the youth are more eating food from restaurants than home cooked food.  Even if you eat from restaurants and stuff, go for healthy options. I know we go out to have fun but fun is in being healthy too. Cut down on deep-fried and unhealthy junk. Replace them with good and healthy options.
  3. Include Salad in your meal: Salads play an important role in your daily meals. Make it a habit of eating salads in lunch and dinner before eating your actual meal. This would cut down your appetite and make you full plus an added bonus is lesser calories.
  4. Maximize your Water intake and reduce consumption of sodas etc: Sodas can be very sweet and can add a lot to your calorie scale. Replace them with natural drinks like Lemon water, Jaljeera, detox waters. Also, increase the consumption of water in your daily routine, it will not only improve the health of your skin and it will also help in weight loss. Drink hot lemon water when you wake up, you will see results within weeks.
  5. Low consumption of Processed Food: The food that looks most tempting is also the most harmful one. Processed food actually has preservatives which are harmful to our body. Products like McCain fries, chips, canned food etc. They can be harmful, so better avoid them.
  6. Munch on fruits and healthy nuts: I’m a foodie and I love to much between meals. So, instead of opening those packets of chips or fry them, I munch on stuff like roasted nuts or fruits. They’re not just healthy but fruits actually increase the water content in your body.  If not opting for the same options as I did you can look for healthy substitutes.
  7. Divide your meals into portions: It’s the simple formula to add to your eating routine. Divide your meals simultaneously to double what you eat now. Basically, divide your morning breakfast into 2 meals in 2-3 hour of the time interval. This would help to cut craving for junk food. By double I don’t mean increase the measure, just divide the same quantity into two.
  8. Limit Sugar Content: Desserts, Sweets and everything can be very tempting but you should know where to cut down on sugar. Decrease the daily intake of sugar and avoid fruits like mangoes, grapes, pears etc. they are high on fructose which is a natural form of sugar.
  9. Count your calories: Always count your calories. Women should eat 1500 calories and men should eat 2000 calories. If you exceed this bar on a daily basis, this would lead to weight gain, which would be unhealthy. Better download a calorie tracker which would note your calories down according to what you eat or drink. This way, you can say bye to unwanted fat.
  10. Use fresh veggies and fruits: Fresh veggies are a must to have. Try to buy those in the morning because they’re fresh and just bought. With growing day, they lose their nutrients which is not beneficial as they would be when fresh.

I hope this article was of some help. Do mention your views and anything you think should be added further.

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