Ladakhi Cuisine

Food not to miss when in Ladakh region: Ladakhi Cuisine

If your thoughts are stuck till Momos and Noodles, guess what! There is a lot more than that in Ladakh to offer.

The Ladakhi cuisine is inspired a lot by Tibet and Kashmir. So you will find flavours of both these cuisine and it is a must try. I found the usage of homemade, hot soups and drinks, natural herbs a lot under this cuisine.

The Ladakh region is under every traveller’s bucket list because of its breathtaking landscapes. But what people usually miss is the rich cuisine it has to offer. There are a variety of delicacies under its umbrella which suits the climate.

These dishes will surely make you droll, have a look:

  • Thupka

    This is a Tibetan clear soup filled with a lot of veggies/meat and noodles. Due to Tibetan influence in Ladakh region, this will be available widely in different forms. It is a must to have when in Ladakh 🙂

  • Butter Tea

    A speciality of this region is Butter Tea. It has a flavour not suiting all but totally suggested for the cold chilly weather here.

  • Khambir

    It is a locally baked bread, served with butter, jam, honey, eggs, meat etc based on your choice. This is one of my favourites from the Ladakhi Cuisine.

  • Pilaf or Pulao

    As we know it normally as Pulao, its called Pilaf in some parts of Ladakh. And as the name is different, so is the taste due to the herbs added to the recipe along with caramelized onions. Sounds heavenly! isn’t it?

  • Skyu and Chuttagi

    Both of these are a form of pasta. Unlike the Italian way, it is cooked with wheat dough. It is a soup dish usually cooked in meat or vegetable stew.

  • Momos or  Mok Mok

    Mok Mok as they call is a bit different from the normal Momos you eat around your city. They are thin, filled with veggies, meat or cheese and served with clear soup and a spicy homemade delicious chutney.

  • Apricot Jams, Juices and Desserts

    Apricot is found in abundance here. Hence enjoy the fresh jams, juices and even desserts made of the same. In the offseason, the locals dry the fruit and use it around the season.

  • Tigmo

    It is a fermented bread served with veg or non-veg stew. This is apt for the weather and adds for a great snack. It has some taste of its own, so I love to have it as is also at times 😛

  • Chhupri

    It is a Yak Cheese, made of adding lemon to yak milk. It is a famous snack here in Ladakh and comes in various flavours: simple, salty etc. But it was not easily available in the markets. Hence I could not try it.

Apart from these traditional delicacies I also tried some other stuff:

  • Noodles

    Noodles seem to be a staple dish here as every restaurant serves it, but nothing like authenticity. You can opt for the same for when in rush, but not all places make it good 🙁

  • Fried Rice

    Fried rice with Manchurian was but lunch/dinner on most of the days during my 10 days trip. A quick and easy dish was on my menu at various locations.

  • Spaghetti

    A basis spaghetti dish, but with fresh herbs and sauce.

  • Fresh Juices and Shakes

    Every restaurant will be offering the same, but its availability is subjected to electricity 😛 Most of the time there is a power cut and the restaurant is unable to offer the same.

  • Wood Fired Pizza

    This is a common picture in the mountains these days. And especially in Leh city restaurant promote their place with this. I saw the process of pizza making from the base creation until the end product. And it was nice and fresh, to compliment the cold weather.

  • Maggi

    Of course! It’s absolutely a sin not to have Maggi when in hills. Don’t know what but the water and air of the mountains add something to the taste 😛

In case you are a foodie like me, plan your Ladakh trip keeping the above delicacies in mind. Trust me you will not regret. And if you have tried any of these, would love to know your experience. Comment below 🙂 Being Chatori

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