Pillsbury Tawa Pizza Base mix

Being a die heart pizza lover, I cannot get enough of it ever! My love for pizza introduced me to this Product from Pillsbury called “Tawa Pizza Base” mix.

It is a pre-mix to get your pizza base ready instantly at home without using electronic articles. And you can make them on your tawa/pan. This product gives you the option to create your pizza from scratch on the basic tawa.

Tawa Pizza Base mix

It’s easy and the results are good. The pack mentions making 4 medium size pizzas. I made 6 pizzas out of this premix, of the pizza size as in the below pictures.

Furthermore, will show you the steps to get your favourite pizza at home using your tawa/pan.

Startup Kit

Preparation time: 10-15 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes per pizza


  • Pillsbury Tawa Pizza Base Mix
  • oil 4 tablespoon
  • tomato/pizza sauce
  • grated cheese
  • chopped capsicum, onions, tomatoes and vegetables of your choice
  • salt (optional) – I like to put in some extra spices/masalas

How to make baby corn and capsicum vegetable [Step-by-step recipe with Photos]

  1. Get the pre-mix into a bowl
    Tawa Pizza Base mix
  2. Add water as much to knead it into a smooth  dough.
    Tawa Pizza Base dough
  3. Make small balls from this dough and dust it with some flour if required. The size of the ball would decide the size of your pizza base.
    Tawa Pizza Base ball
  4. Roll it to flat rotis. Remember the base does not require to be as thin as a roti.
    Tawa Pizza Base roti
  5. Pre-heat the tawa for 2 minutes. Add some oil and cook the flattened pizza base on the tawa for almost a minute,  switch the side and cook for another minute.
    Tawa Pizza Base roti
  6. Get the base and apply tomato/pizza sauce on the base.
    Pizza base and pizza sauce
  7. Top it up with lovely veggies of your choice and grated cheese. Don’t overload the base.
  8. Cover the pizza on the tawa with metal or glass lid of approx 3-5 mins, depending on the size of your pizza. Let the cheese melt.
  9. Slice the pizza and serve it hot!

Note: These would be thin crust pan pizzas unlike the basic pizzas served by companies like dominos and pizza hut.

Enjoy this yummy treat with your friends and family! Being Chatori!

Nishi Tilara

A Food and Travel Blogger


  1. Can we make this in otg or convection? If so how much time and temperature? Thanks again

    1. Mam, I have not tried it in on OTG or convection! As the product was based as Tawa Pizza. But surely can try and share details 🙂

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