Sonam Fast Food, Nainital

Sonam Fast Food for all Momo lovers……

Overall rating : 4/5
Cost : Very reasonable
Location : Tibetan Market, Nainital, Uttrakhand, India

Being a momo lover all I can look out for are delicious momos everywhere!

Also explored many momo joints in Delhi! Can share a list of good joints if you want in Delhi 😉

But this time, my hunt for momos has taken me to this beautiful city of Nainital in Uttrakhand, India!

This city has many street food joints/restaurants and momo points, but the one that I loved the most was named “Sonam Fast food“, so I thought of sharing my experience with all my fellow momo lovers 🙂

Sonam Fast Food

Sonam Fast food is a small food stall situated in narrow lanes of so-called ‘Flats’ area, Tibetan market, Bara bazar, Nainital. This is a well-situated place, exactly at the heart of Nainital near Nainital stadium and main market.

They claim to serve fast food since 1983, and have original tibetian flavors.

The menu is not so wide, guess they believe in quality, not quantity 😛

Sonam Fast Food

Their menu includes chowmien, thupka, steam and fried veg/non-veg momos. They serve ‘the tastiest momos‘ and I just loved them!

The best part of their momo is that the outer covering is thin unlike other places, also the filling is very tasty. The Mirchi(spicy) chutney adds to the flavours all together.

Sonam Fast Food

While Nainital being a hill station offers beautiful weather at most times of the year. Having hot spicy momos in such sexy weather is an experience in itself!

Most noteworthy the food gets finished here too soon. Hence grab a bite quickly! Also, you may encounter long queues. Self-service and all the payments in advance!

Sonam Fast Food

There are small benches along the narrow lane where you can sit, also you can stand inside a small shop there and enjoy the delicacy!

Timing : 10am- 8pm
Speciality : Non-veg momos

My Food Card

Taste                        9
Ambience               5
Service                    8
Value for money    9

Do add this to your Go-to list on visiting Nainital city! Being Chatori! 😉

Nishi Tilara

A Food and Travel Blogger


  1. Nice blog. Im going there day after. Which momos are better- mutton or veg?
    Always afraid of food poising with street food. Did you have any bad experience with them?

    1. Thank you! Mutton momos are better. But its been long now, there are many new momo joints in Nainital. Like Spicy Affair and Punjabi Tadka, you can DM me on Instagram @ChatoriDiaries for more information

      1. Thanks, I just DM’ed you. Asking the same thing lol. But Im going to be in the Ramgarh/Nanital area so if you have any food suggestions- momo or anything else I would be open to it. I tried iheart cafe so far.

        1. I have replied to your DM 🙂 Hope it helps and happy to help

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