Food that fightback Virus

7 Foods that Fightback Virus: Immunity Boosters

Amidst the current coronavirus outbreak, keeping your immunity high to fight back the virus is surely a smart idea. Your immune system could use some help to fight back from virus, colds, flu or COVID-19. Choose nutrient-rich foods to charge your immune system.

Have a look at some of the best foods to put on your plate:

  1. Seafood: Some types of fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids that help enhance the functionality of immune cells.
  2. Proteins: Researches show that the mineral Zinc works with the protein found in meat to strengthen the immunity system and bolster disease-fighting white blood cells.
  3. Dark chocolate’s magnesium may strengthen antibodies to fend off disease. Magnesium standout when it comes to boosting immune function,
  4. Cirus and Leafy greens, provide Vitamin C, a key nutrient for good immunity. Vitamin C may help protect the body against oxidative stress, and that helps support immune function.
  5. Nuts and seeds, supply immunity-supportive Vitamin E, selenium and magnesium. Reach out for a handful of nuts or seeds for a filling snack that also helps to boost your immune system.
  6. Garlic and Onions contain potential antiviral properties. Garlic gets that distinctive smell from the sulphur compound and offers protective benefits to your health. Similarly, Onions have a substance called quercetin, which may help regulate histamine response.
  7. Yoghurt aids gut health, which may benefit your immunity. It is rich in probiotics, the good bacteria that support gut health.

Make sure to add these foods to your diet along with the following:

  • Keep Eating
  • Skip the Sugar and Fat
  • Drink more water
  • Enjoy your Food

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