Planning a Party!!! Leave the Food on ‘The Chatori Diaries’

YOU Enjoy the Party and WE get the Food delivered to your doorstep…

Whether you have a get together with friends/family OR throwing a lavish party at home, food has to be of utmost importance. All the other arrangements can hold the second place here, so you can’t go wrong with it… The Chatori Diaries: Your Personal Food Organizer to rescue 😛

It is a universal truth that Food is the centre of attraction of any gathering or festivity. Cooking yourself can be an option, but if the gathering is extensive it is better to call in for caterers. The issue here is Delhi NCR does not have many options that suit all your required criteria.

Have faced this during a housewarming party. The option was to either order out from a restaurant which was out of the budget and did not offer variety as wanted. On the other hand, the local caterer was under the budget but the quality and fixed food options were an issue.

It was very hard to find an option that suited the food need criteria: occasion, gathering, food preferences and budget too. There is when the need for Customized Food Packages arise. So, this solves the issue by organizing Food per Need 🙂

Leave the Food on your personal Food Organizer: The Chatori Diaries and avoid all the hassle and pain of juggling between Food Ordering apps, various menus or local caterers…

The Chatori Diaries offer Customised Party Food Packages based on your need:
  • Occasion
  • Number of Guests
  • Food Preferences
  • Budget

All you need to share is the occasion you wish the food for like birthday, housewarming, anniversary, bachelors, corporate, baby shower or any other festivity. Along with the number of your guests and food preference of veg/non-veg Or any specific cuisine. You can choose from healthy options to bakery products anything you wish under the sky. Last but not the least, the budget you are looking for.

And then based on your prerequisites and after analyzing your requirements, we curate and customize the best Food for the occasion… Just share your

  • Event Date
  • Location
  • Contact Details

and your food will be delivered to your doorstep. Happy Eating 🙂

Contact for any queries/bookings:

Phone: 9891749048
[Delhi NCR only]

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