Jama Masjid Food Walk

Jama Masjid Food Walk during Ramadan

Jama Masjid Food Walk, does this sound interesting to you?

The narrow lanes of Old Delhi are any Foodie’s Paradise. But during Ramadan, you will experience a difference as the lanes are well decorated and the hustle bustle. Damn, the festivity takes it to another level.

The fun is spending late evenings there. You will find the crowd even late till 2-3 AM. So this time finally I got a chance to be a part of this festivity and loved every bit of it to be true. I planned for a Jama Masjid Food Walk during the Ramadan 🙂

We took a metro and reached at Gate No 1 of Jama Masjid. Surprisingly the lanes were a bit empty around 7 PM as it was Namaz time. We strolled around and then eventually as the night grew the narrow lanes were full of people, out to enjoy the delicacies.

There was yummy fragrance all around, from Kebabs to various drinks and sweets. There was a lot on the menu to try my hands on. The lanes were narrow but the festivity on full swing. People were out with their family and friends to celebrate, all dressed up :).

Some foodies like me were there for a Jama Masjid Food Walk with their cameras to stuff the tummy and get few good shots of the same. Will be sharing the places and food I tried along with the pictures below. Hope you enjoy it!

How to Reach?

Chawari Bazar Metro Station OR Jama Masjid Metro Station and can walk or take a rickshaw for Jama Masjid Gate No 1. There is where you will find all these outlets at Matai Mahal Road.

Where and What all did I had?

#1# Kallan Sweets

Had Paneer Jalebi and Keema Samosa. The Jalebi was quite usual, nothing so great. Same was the case with the samosa 🙁

#2# Cool Point

This outlet is famous for its homemade Mango Ice Cream and Shahi Tukda. I had mango ice cream, which was delicious 🙂

#3# Quereshi Kebab Corner

They serve the best Kebabs in the entire universe :P. Tried Buff and Mutton Kebab with Roomali Roti.

#4# Haji Mohd. Hussain

Had a huge plate of Chicken Fry, delicious to the core. Served with Romali roti and sprinkle chat masala. Here is a special mention to the chutney served along, high on spies totally complimenting the dish 🙂

#5# Aslam Chicken

This place is huge, spread over various floors. But it’s still hard to find a place to sit here. And for all the reasons possible, the food. Had Chicken Kebab and Tandoori Butter Chicken. You should check the quantity of butter they put into it. Anyone who is diet conscious should total stay miles away from here 😛

#6# Dil Pasand Biryani Point

This was truly a hidden gem. A small shop somewhere in the narrow lanes served delicious Chicken Biryani. 

Jama Masjid Food Walk

#7# Gud ka Sharbat

Well after so much of eating needed something to settle stuff and beat the heat. Had this Gud ka Sharbat. This man served it for just Rs 5 a glass and I kid you not, so refreshing with a pinch of lime 🙂

Jama Masjid Food Walk

#8# Pyar Mohabbat wala Sharbat

This was mentioned to me as a must try. They serve fresh cut watermelon juice, but to be frank didn’t like it that much 🙁

Jama Masjid Food Walk

Some Tips while you visit the area
  • Beware of pickpockets. Take care of your belongings well.
  • Avoid taking your own vehicle, as parking is some issue during this period.
  • Be prepared for the rush on the lanes and at the outlets.
  • Surely it was hot, so be prepared for that too.
  • Would suggest being mindful of the clothing to be comfortable.
  • Vegetarians, not sure if you would be comfortable to be around, but surely there is too much for you too to try out and love 🙂
  • People are good and helpful around, so nothing to worry.

Jama Masjid Food Walk was a great success. I had a time of my life, enjoyed the food and festivity both. Looking forward to my visit yet again 🙂 Being Chatori 😉

Nishi Tilara

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