The famous Pizza Omelette, Ramphal chowk, Dwarka

‘The’ Pizza Omelette served at Ramphal chowk, Dwarka is an exciting food art. Along with the beauty, it is for your eyes, it does equal justice to your taste buds. Indeed A Plate full of happiness!

There are many kiosks selling the same, usually in and around Dwarka, New Delhi area! But the best and famous one is at Ramphal chowk, just in front of KC restaurant

Pizza Omelette

Overall rating: 4.5/5
Cost: 200 for two people (approx)
Location: Ramphal chowk, near Sector 7, Dwarka (in front of KC restaurant)

This delicacy does not require an introduction or explanation. Here is the preparation video of the same. Have a look! I bet you cannot stop yourself from hogging into the same immediately!


The place is nothing great, it’s just a roadside kiosk which serves the variety of omelettes at a decent price. There are small tables around, you can stand and enjoy the same.Have a look at the menu it has to

Have a look at the menu it has to offer!

Pizza Omelette

The service is good, even though it’s always crowded. You ca choose from “Amul” or “Nutralite” butter. Even for the number of eggs you want your omelette of.

Pizza Omelette

The beauty of this pizza omelette is the way it is decorated and it’s served with salad and chutney! For the decoration they use beetroot, paneer, cheese, pomegranate etc

Pizza Omelette

My Food Card

Taste                        9
Ambience               5
Service                    9
Value for Money   9

I bet you can’t have this just once! Let me know how you find it…Being Chatori! 😛

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