Off-beat Navratri dishes that you can try at home

Navratri, as we all know is a nine-day festivity. Most parts of India keep fast for these days. Some people may choose to fast only on the first and the last day of the festive period. Many special Navratri dishes come into picture during this time.

Embrace the joy of the festival with these Navratri dishes. Bring your old favourites and try these offbeat ones at home this Navratri.

## Kebab-e-Kela

This dish is twisted for all kebab lovers. Banana is a filling fruit and is apt as a fasting food. Do try these Kele ke Kebabs this Navratri.

Navratri dishes

## Khire ke Pakode

Bored of the traditional pyaz, aloo, gobi, paneer ke pakode 😛 Try this new delicacy of cucumber! Add Khere ke pakode to your Navratri feast.

Navratri dishes

## Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

Smoothie is a heavy and fulfilling drink. Use banana and strawberry to add an awesome combination to special Navratri Smoothie.

Navratri dishes

## Vratwale Chawal Ka Dhokla

With festivities comes delicacies and many of them being fried dishes. Give your tummy a sign of relief with dhokla. Its a light on your tummy dish, fulfilling and yummy still.

Navratri dishes

## Falahari Dosa

Using all the vrat wale ingredients, this dosa is a perfect food for Navratras. Falahari dosa as the name also gives it a festive feel. Healthy and light, a must try!

Navratri dishes

## Aloo ki Kadhi

Kadhi is a favourite dish to many. Do not leave it behind in Navratri. Aloo ki kadhi is an offbeat version to the usual kadhi is have. Do try it out.

Navratri dishes

## Khatta Moong

Khata Moong is a Gujarati delicacy but has crossed all the borders. And a must try this Navratri season. As yummy, the healthier it is. Easy to digest and good for your tummy.

Navratri dishes

## Sema Pulao

For all rice lovers, do not miss anything during Navratri. Spice up the vrat wale chawal/sema rice to get this delicious Pulao. Enjoy!

Navratri dishes

## Sabudana-Sweet Potato Kheer

Mix these two fasting ingredients and experiment a dessert. Sabudana Kheer is a very famous recipe, try and add sweet potato into it to travel that offbeat track. Sweet potato adds its awesome flavour to the kheer.

Navratri dishes

## Dudhi Halwa

Ever thought Lauki/Dudhi can be this yummy? Well surely Yes! Try out Dudhi ka Halwa, surely it will burst all your myths about Lauki and cater your taste buds 🙂

Navratri dishes

Try and share your experience with these dishes! Allow your body to detox this Navratri. Happy Navratra….Being Chatori! 🙂

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